We take our responsibility for the data your share with us seriously. Here are the ways we are keeping it safe and private.

We check our ethics
We got the research assessed and approved by the Aotearoa Research Ethics Committee (AREC23_01). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Manager of AREC, Dr Keely Blanch, on

We minimise the amount of identifiable information we collect in our survey.
Identifiable information is only collected at two points in the survey. In section four when we ask “What is your organisation’s stated mission?” and in section five where we give you the option to share your contact details.

We anonymise and aggregate identifiable information.
Before anyone else gets to see the survey data we go through your mission statement and code the key concepts. We then group the data to delink it from any individual organisation.

We limit who has access to the raw data
Only the core researchers get to see the uncoded data.

We hold identifiable information in a separate database
The mission statements and your contact details are held in a separate database so they can’t be linked to the other data.

We use secure form submissions
Jotform provides a 256 Bit SSL connection for secure form submissions. meaning your data is protected as it is transferred from your computer to Jotform.

We make sure that any service we use is committed to keeping your data private.
This means we read platform service agreements and make sure they are promising us security and confidentiality. Where we are working with individuals we get them to sign a confidentiality agreement.

We check our work
We want to be able to publish the anonymised and aggregated data with confidence so we will get our data cleaning checked before we publish to make sure we’ve got the anonymisation and aggregation right.

We don’t keep identifiable data
At the end of the research we delete the identifiable data.